After long-term studies in close cooperation with the Art&Build Architecture Office, we have developed a 3D awning of 100 MCT.

It consists of 426 different triangles.

Based on a lightweight frame placed on a template structure, we had spacers predefined to the millimetre.

This ULTRA precise execution was the success of the project.

Based on studies, drawings, production layouts, formatting, laser marking, everything was managed by highly qualified and experienced personnel,

At each phase of the construction process we have checked the parameters and the production by the « quality control » department.

As you can see, each triangular cassette finds its place according to a predefined methodology.

As the entire awning is 3D, each cassette is attached to the tracks and spacers by means of ball joint fasteners.

The processing of the 3mm thick AG3 alloy cassettes was particularly important given the impact of daytime and night light.

After several tests, we painted them in RAL 9005 75%.

Subsequently a LEDs network will be installed between the cassettes.

An additional study was carried out to finish the awning at both ends with two 3D columns.

This fluid assembly is the signal at the Bd Anspach towards the Square Debroukère.