Passion has always been the driving force behind Serge Bertholet’s career in the world of metal decoration.

He is surrounded by an experienced team and his reliable presence definitely is a major factor in the success of your project. In 2007 Serge Bertholet founded FEREX at the request of many leading customers.

FEREX keeps up with the latest innovations and new technologies and studies, produces and installs metal decorations, in combination with glass, wood and composite, for your buildings.

  • Serge Bertholet makes a preliminary study based on your initial idea and design. He will then define a budget and make a sketchbook which will be the basis for further brainstorms about the design, the assembly, material handling and execution.
  • After the customer’s approval the planning of the different phases will be made, while the digital plans, made by our experienced engineers and draughtsmen, will be further elaborated.
  • The approved plans will then be analysed by the method agency, which will also prepare the production plans for our digital equipment.
  • The production is followed up by operators and supervised by a ‘quality control’ team.
  • On request of the customer the final acceptance can take place at our workshop prior to the installation.
  • The logistics department is in charge of planning the installation, packaging, transport and transport equipment, in close consultation with the project managers.
  • The installation will be supervised by the project manager and installation manager at all times on the basis of the installation plans and using geometrical instruments.
  • The installation staff is aware of the applicable safety measures and will always check the Special Health and Safety Plan (BVGP), specifically for the site in question.
  • Serge Bertholet is your contact right from the start and up to the completion of the works.

The FEREX Team has already completed large decorative metal works on a variety of noble materials, in many countries in Europe, Africa, in the Arab world and Central America.

Aiming to give you the very best service, FEREX is divided in 4 departments:

  • Metal sheet covering
  • Ornamental ironwork and metalworking
  • Windows and curtain walls
  • Decoration of vestibules of prestigious buildings

We kindly invite you to pay a visit to our website.
Feel free to contact us for any information you need or any queries you may have.

Kind regards,

Serge Bertholet